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A Note From Rodney

My name is Rodney and I am the owner of Rodney’s Carpet Cleaning, Inc. I am different from the other carpet cleaners out there. I am an environmentally “GREEN” business, safe for your family and pets. Each job is personal to me and I will give you 100% to ensure I meet your needs. No other company can match my service and cleaning ability, because I am the best. I use the best residue free cleaning solutions and equipment on the market. I will never use a truck mounted carpet cleaning machine to clean your carpet or upholstery. Truck mounted machines sound impressive but they are not. They were designed for simplicity for the technician and the company owners. These machines lack the suction power to pull out all of the dirt and water that they washed down into your carpet and padding. As the carpet dries all that dirt is being wicked back up into the fibers, not only have you wasted your time and money your carpet was not properly cleaned. Carpeting is probably the most expensive furnishing in your home and you should protect that investment and have it properly cleaned by a person that takes pride in doing a great job. As stated, I am the owner and the person that will be personally taking care of your cleaning needs. If you would like to have a personal quote or have any questions pertaining to my services please give me a call.

Thank you,



Rodney's Carpet Cleaning