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About Rodney’s Carpet Cleaning, Inc.

I worked 16 years for a company and lost employment due to downsizing, I started over and worked for another company for 14 years and they decided to close the gates.  So, I decided to start my own business. I bounced around ideas of lawn care, restaurants, car washes, etc.  I had an appointment to have my carpeting cleaned one day, the technician showed up, gave me his spill and he commenced to clean. With a mechanical and engineering background I was curious and watched over the operation. I said to myself” this is a joke”, there has to be a better way to clean carpet. He used a high pressure spray wand and washed all of the dirt off the fibers into the bottom of the carpet and attempted to suck it up with a machine in his van 100 plus feet away. I know that dirt is heavier than water, when he left the carpet was beyond damp, so if he didn’t get all the water up how did he remove the dirt. I paid him and told him great Job. I knew that as the carpeting dried all of that dirt is being wicked back up into the fibers. I had a brainstorm, got on the internet and searched carpet cleaning equipment. It seemed like everyone was using these so called powerful truck mounted machines. Why, they don’t do a good job. Through investigating I found out that they do not put their customer first, it’s all about convenience and getting in and out as fast as possible. I researched more and found a company that manufactured machines that were not truck mounted and has 3 times the suction power at the nozzle than the competition. I located a carpet cleaning company that sells and uses these new machines with great success.  I immediately dropped everything to pursue this endeavor. I made contact with the president of the company; he flew in for 3 days to give me training and on the equipment and a chemistry lesson. They are a “GREEN” environmentally friendly company with great success, I decided to follow their lead and go “GREEN”. The main solution I use is an oxygenated system, it’s like water with an extra oxygen atom much like hydrogen peroxide, it cleans better than anything I’ve ever seen and there is no residue which causes carpet to soil faster. As the owner and operator the only downfall I have is toting this 140 pound machine around, other than that I am enjoying doing a great job for all of my present and future customers.

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